I once saw the Peach Orchard drawn by Kang Chunhui from Liu Lin. When I recommended it to other painters, they all wondered at that. It is not because the painting is famous, but because of the sincerity and attitude of the painter.

A space scientist once said that: “the materials and technologies we use to make cars have no differences with Germany, however, the result turns to be quiet different. What we are inferior to them is the attitude. ”

Though attitude is an abstract concept, it can determine the result. Whether you did well or not, others will clearly judge from your attitude, especially for our traditional Chinese realistic painters. We should be equipped with dignified attitude, and the intelligence for temperamental change. We should do everything with heart and soul, which is the key to do traditional Chinese realistic painting well.

Kang Chuihui had been copying wall painting in Kizil wall painting institute for more than 2years. After that, she went to Seoul University to study on graphic visual and design. Generally speaking, painting can be divided into graphic visual, both of which can be described as a narrow strip of water and can be hardly distinguished.

Kang Chunhui is still young. It is praiseworthy that she is as indifferent as an old monk. Thus, her painting will be different from the rest sooner of later.

Huai Yi 2014, Christmas Day chief editor of the Door of General of Beijing Painting Academy master of Eryue Bookshop


Among the words used in traditional Chinese realistic painting for birds and flowers, is there any possibility to find new things from Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty to Yu Fei’an? The style brought from Nanjing since 21st century has bathed people for a period of time. People might gradually look forward new things. Recently, I saw Kang Chunhui’s work in Eryue Bookshop and appreciated it carefully. The specialty of her work lies in the depicting of root and the re-depicting of the invisible things buried beneath the earth. She actually didn’t paint the real root, but transform the root into the containers for the growth of flowers, which makes people think when appreciating the work. And this kind work can rarely be seem in the flower- and-bird painting.-Wu Hongliang (Curator of  Beijing Painting Academy Museum)